First step toward entrepreneurship?

Hello – welcome to our online portal! Below you will find all the information about the project EMI – entrepreneurship, migration and integration.

What is EMI?

The Project EMI promotes company start-ups by university graduates and skilled workers with a migration background. Our project provides an individual consultation and support during the whole founding process, from a business idea to business registration.
We provide a free of charge support for people interested in starting-up a business through the advice, assistance, coaching and workshops on entrepreneurship related topics. Furthermore, we offer German courses and various seminars.

What do we offer precisely?

  • Business idea development
  • Market potential analysis for your product or service
  • Development of a business concept
  • Development of a business plan
  • Support with an official recognition of your professional credentials and diplomas
  • Consulting on funding opportunities and regional funding programs
  • Help with overcoming the bureaucratic barriers
  • Business personality coaching
  • Integration into the existing company networks of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Online profile for start-ups on
  • Internship services

What advantages do you get?

  • Individual solutions for your business idea
  • Optimization of costs through subsidy consultancy
  • Intercultural exchange
  • Synergies through integration in our start-up networks
  • Cooperation with other founders and SMEs
  • High practical orientation for a smooth and quick start to self-employment
  • An access to research and development potentials of scientific institutions in Saxony-Anhalt
  • All our services are free of charge

Who is eligible to enroll for EMI?

In our Project we welcome graduates and skilled workers with migration background and other migrants, who consider to set up their own business in Saxony-Anhalt.

Not sure, if you are eligible to participate from our services? Please fell free to give us a call and we will assist you with any questions.

What else you can find on the portal?

This is a constantly growing platform for founders and companies with a migration background. The core of the portal is a catalogue of start-ups and companies. We want to give future founders and SMEs an opportunity to present their services and ideas, especially if they their own website is not ready yet. We continuously update the profiles of our founders and SMEs. Using the online form, they can be contacted anytime through our portal.

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Get in touch with us - and start your own business!

We are happy to assist you with any questions - just call us or write an email.

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Find founders and companies

You are on the online portal of the project EMI. You can find here all the relevant information about the project. You can also get to know our founders and contact them through the portal. Search in the list for the founders according to founding-stages…Apart from founders, companies with years of expertise in the market are as well represented on our portal and ready to share with you their fascinating experience of entrepreneurship.





Read the magazine

In our magazine, you can find a plenty of useful tips, explanations and pieces of advice which are just perfect for a short reading break for future entrepreneurs. As well you can get here some information about how to join the project EMI and get to know our project team. We are open to your ideas and requests regarding future posts in the magazine.  Feel free to contact us or leave a comment. New posts appear here several times a month. 





Flyer download

Here you can download the project flyer as a PDF document (German). Do you know someone who might be interested in the services of our project? Please direct them to our portal!